Case Study A

Vulpine was contacted by a multi-national logistic firm that was having severe internal theft problems.  Vulpine inserted an undercover agent inside of the company to work with the logistics team.  The undercover agent was able to determine which employees were organizing the thefts and obtained enough evidence for the employees to be terminated and handed over to the local police.  The culprits had been operating for more than two years with estimated thefts calculated at more than 1.5 million USD.

Case Study B

Vulpine was contacted to conduct a Due Diligence on a Chinese company that was being considered as a potential partner for a major joint venture in the electronics industry.  Vulpine’s investigation determined that the individual representing the Chinese corporation was previously involved in several fraud scandals involving millions of USD.  The investigation also revealed that the Chinese National negotiating the deals and signing certain legal documents was not an authorized legal representative of the Chinese company being considered for the joint venture.

Case Study C

Vulpine was contacted by a top brand clothing manufacturer who’s brand was being counterfeited and sold throughout China and other locations around the globe.  Vulpine was able to conduct several undercover purchases and develop a relationship with many of the shop owners who were selling the counterfeit items.  Vulpine capitalized on these relationships and eventually obtained a visit to the factory where the counterfeits were being produced.  Vulpine collected enough evidence to involve the Chinese authorities and were successful in getting the factory closed down.

Case Study D

Vulpine was contacted by a multi-national company who suspected that one of their engineers was stealing their engineering samples.  A week long surveillance of the suspect obtained relevant evidence which indicated the suspect’s involvement.  A subsequent interview resulted in a full confession from the subject who was terminated from his employment and turned over to the local authorities.