Case Study A

Our professionals assisted a foreign couple who were trapped as a result of the Sichuan earthquake.  Within one hour of receiving the call, our team of highly trained professionals arrived on the scene, located,  and evacuated the couple from the area of devastation.  A short time later, our security experts arranged safe lodging outside of the hazard area and subsequent transportation out of China for the foreign  travelers.

Case Study B

Our professionals responded  to a brutal stabbing which occurred in Suzhou.  Our team met the victim and his family at the hospital and subsequently provided long term 24/7 protection for the victim and his family to ensure no further acts of violence occurred.

Case Study C

Our professionals responded and assisted a foreign woman who was physically assaulted while shopping in a well-known store in Beijing.  After ensuring the woman’s safety, our team was able to obtain identifying photographs of the perpetrator who had fled the scene.  Our team escorted the woman to the local police station and assisted her in filing the official report with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs police.  The woman was then escorted back to the safety of her residence. The man was subsequently located by our team and turned over to local authorities.

Case Study D

Our security professionals responded to a minor traffic accident in Beijing between a foreign man and a local Chinese national.  Since the man foreign man did not speak Chinese, our team served as a translator and mitigated the circumstances without police involvement.  Both parties were satisfied with the results and we were able to prevent the situation from escalating.

Case Study E

The Vulpine team has responded to over one hundred worker protests in China.  In all cases, our experts were able to quickly resolve the problem without any damage to property or personal injury.